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mreze-za-ribarstvo2Tvornica mreža i ambalaže produces wide range of fishing nets.


- material: Polyamid 6 and 6.6

- twine dtex: from 235/2 – 235/96

- colour: white, black, brown

- nets are sold raw or with lead and float

- types of nets: purse seine, gillnets, trawl nets...


Tvornica mreža i ambalaže d.o.o. has specialised in production of completely done purse seine nets ready for use, with floats and lead lines. We also do repairing and reconstruction of purse seine nets.

- material: high quality PA 6 and PA 6.6

- twine dtex: 235/4 – 235/6

- mesh size: 8mm, 8,5mm, 9mm